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Guanaja awaits the nature lover and explorer who enjoys pristine beaches, colorful coral reefs, and beautiful wildlife habitat. Far off the beaten track, you can become a part of Guanaja's community at the Guanaja Reef Club with easy access to mainland United States.

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Beautiful view of the villa looking up the beach

Welcome to the Guanaja Reef Club! Located on Guanaja, one of the last undiscovered islands in the Caribbean, this resort offers you the opportunity to own a little piece of paradise. The Caribbean's leading resort architect, Lane Pettigrew, has designed original vacation homes to satisfy the most discerning vacationer. These homes are located so as to benefit from the beauty and serenity that is part of this resort community.

The Guanaja Reef Club is located on the southern coast of the small island of Guanaja. The Club faces the trade winds and the offshore keys on Guanaja's fringing reef. The Club emcompasses over 80 acres of easy elevations covered with fruit and hardwood trees. The entire coastline and reef areas surrounding Guanaja have been designated a Marine National Park by the Honduran government, thus enforcing the preservation of the entire ecosystem.

View from the villa deck.

Guanaja is a perfect blend of manmade amenities and natural splendor with mountainous and tropical landscapes. There is the smell of trade winds and wild orchids while native birds abound throughout the island. The visitor will find magnificent caves, wrecks, pinnacles, and colorful marine wildlife in scenic caverns and grottoes. Beautiful, unspoiled reefs surround nearly all of Guanaja. The waters surrounding Guanaja constitute the only complete marine reserve in the Bay Islands.

The main clubhouse is located 50 feet above the water with 270 degree views. The clubhouse itself includes dining facilities, bar, gift shop, communications center, a media lounge, exercise and sauna areas along with a pool and surrounding deck. Unique to the Guanaja Reef Club is a group of small shops where vacationing residents can obtain groceries, supplies, crafts, resort clothing and other amenities.

Stepped walkway down to resort beaches.

The site for the Guanaja Reef Club is one of the most favorable in the Bay Islands. It borders the lagoon on the south side of the island, with shallow waters protected byt he fringing reef one kilometer off the island. On the north side of the site, the peninsula borders Fruit Harbor Bight, the most sheltered deep water anchorage on the island, where sailing and fishing boats seek refuge during storms and otherwise enjoy safe and quiet anchorage.

The south slope of the property faces windward and receives the steady trade winds from the southeast. The north slope of the site faces Fruit Harbor, providing an attractive view framed by the forested slopes across the bay. At the west end of the peninsula is a natural point rising 40 feet above the water, which is isolated by distance and trees from the center of the site. From the point there is a panoramic view of the cays to the south and the sunsets to the west. The eastern portion of the site rises to 180 feet, providing ideal locations for homesites and sweeping views to the south and the surrounding scenery.

Wonderful view of the villa from the water.

The vegetation on the site is varied and interesting, reflecting previous plantings of fruit trees, bamboo and oak. The beaches are well shaded with palm groves, and tropical flowers abound in an array of colors. The development takes advantage of the natural aspects of the site by blending in with the slopes and the trees. The buildings are deliberately maintained low in profile, are spare of mass and cascade subtly down the elevations.

The complex includes 31 individually-owned homesites on the beaches and eastern elevations of the property. Paths designed to the natural contours of the slopes will connect each homesite. Stone bridges cross-stream ravines where slopes are too steep. Home construction will be carefully controlled by requirements on external construction, materials, height and size. Honduran wood and natural tile will set the overall texture of the resort.

View from kitchen to dining room and living room.

Home owners will hold full title to their property under the Honduran law passed in 1990 permitting foreign nationals to own up to 3,000 square meters of beachfront land for personal use. Any uncertainties about title validity are preempted since the overall site has clear title, is completely unemcumbered, and all required permits and approvals have been granted by the Government of Honduras. The corporation's lawyers will facilitate the necessary steps to properly register the new owner's title, once the membership documents are final and financing arrangements are completed.

Home owners will acquire, through purchase of club membership, one lot of choice with a complete vacation residence and full rights to the use of the club facilities. Early home owners may also purchase a marina slip at a nominal price as an option. An association fee will be assessed to cover obvious fixed costs such as security, maintenance, and overall management of the homesite area. Homeowners are liable for property taxes assessed annually by the municipality of Guanaja.

The main dock where the village store will be constructed.

Selling Price:

1/2 Acre Lots - Start at US$75,000

Villas Under US$200,000
Completely Equipped and Fully Furnished with Top of the Line Furniture

For more information, please contact:

Guanaja Reef Club
8 Market Street
Onancock, VA 23417, USA

In the USA Phone: (757)787-3811
FAX: (757)787-9511
In Honduras: FAX: (011)504-239-0766

Email: grcguanaja@esva.net



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