"Seadancer Villas"
Shared Ownership

Located in Roatan, The Bay Islands of Honduras

Flexible Teamshare concept allows virtual 12 month visitation schedules. Great way to invest in foreign areas. Reduce/share the risk, cost & maintenance.
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There are excellent waterfront views from all 6 units at Seadancer Villas. The villas are fully furnished with large decks and livings areas. They include 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and are 1,000 square feet.

Amenities include...350 ft. dock, owner shared usage of sailboats & windsurfing fleets, bar & social area, storage/security lockers and more. There are easy terms & financing.

Teamshare Concept

1) Do you long for a vacation beach home but don't know where to begin? Perhaps you've even decided to "go for it", but the prospects of investing outside of the good ol' US or the high costs of owning beachfront property has you sort of paralysed. You might want want to consider a new developing concept known as Teamshare.

2) The old adage "many hands make light work" was never truer than when considering the costs of vacation property ownership. Timeshare has used the idea to make billions of dollars worldwide. But Teamshare is a much smaller and more personal concept. Timeshare projects are the Battleships of the Vacation world, Teamshare is the P.T. boat; smaller, less expensive and more responsive to the owners needs.

3) Teams share the costs of ownership and maintenance while the members all use the place for vacations and/or create rental income when none of the owners are there. Owners are NOT limited to certain weeks. Owners can go whenever their schedules allow because there is a simple system that backs up the "first reserve - first serve" initial usage basis. Some team members even become friendly enough to share the unit at times.

4) Timeshare projects are small and intimate - usually no more than 4 to 6 members of a team owning, typically, a 2-3 Bedroom, 2 Bath vacation home in a beautiful natural setting whose cost is prohibitive for many. Says Mike Mosby, an owner of a Bay Islands unit for 2 years. "I could not afford to purchase a home on the beach for over $100,000. Nor do I want the responsibility of maintaining such a place unless I lived there year round. However, with 5 teammates, I can do it!"

5) Legally, the simplicity of the shared ownership concept works well also. Usually the team takes title in the name of a partnership or corporation which survives individual members. Title stays in the group name always, whereas the group itself may change in membership from time to time. This allows for maximum flexibility for re-sale and transfer. If a person wants to sell, they can simply turn in their ownership certificate and can even manage their own sale/exchange. If each person's name was on the title, each individual would need to travel down to the other country and pay foreign lawyers fees, transfers and such.

6) Mosby says; "Perhaps the main reason that I bought into Joyous' team concept, besides making a lot of sense economically, is because I like and trust Mark. He is the guy who coordinates everything and interviews potential owners. He will tell you straightaway if he does not think you are compatible with the concept. It's not for everyone and we are happy that Mark puts the group interests ahead of making a sale".



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