Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate

Oceanfront Home for Sale

Punta del Diablo

Uruguay, Punta del Diablo, oceanfront real estate, luxury modern house sited next to the sea, with all facilities including swiming pool offered for sale.

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Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

Location and Environment - is located in the Santa Teresa Boulevard, 1 mile from Route 9 and 3.5 kilometers from Punta del Diablo. The surrounding land is not developable or buildable. Is surrounded by a wooden fence, with a main entrance with guard house for, and a secondary both in the Santa Teresa Boulevard and a third rear access with ballast way, with access to Route 9 and the ocean. There are facilities for children and a small table, all wood and a small riding arena, stables, to the harness, tennis court, football field 9 with flat lawn and home maintenance for instruments.

Legal - The land, Padrón 59,856 Section 5th Rocha, is formed by the solar (Chakras) 39 and 40, was acquired on March 24, 2006 (deed executed by the Clerk William Pena Fernandez de Montevideo) and registered with the and consists C/CC05 number, nº 39 of 5122 m2 and nº40 of 4693.90 m2, a total of 9815.90 m2.

The House - has an area of 415 m2, is elevated 40 inches above the ground, built on deep piles, which are the columns, all exterior concrete surfaces supporting 6 by 6 meters, with the roof of the same size and material, therefore do not support enclosures any weight, being the external double brick wall, with internal isolation. This construction is a good insulator in a wet environment and allows further changes to the interior layout without affecting the structure. The height is 3 meters and the lounge and the rooms are oriented east west, where the sun runs, large windows, sliding doors, equipped with safety glass. The Barbecue is 1.30 by 0.95 meters, equipped with wooden basket for mobile grid, is under roof and fully equipped with sink with running water, work desk with less space for fuel and supplies cabinets.

Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

The pool is 15 meters by 5 work steps and a sloping floor to a maximum depth of 2 meters. Filtration system features and conservation Astral his head on a stone floor there are 2 chairs and a table fixed on sandstone and 4 chairs.

There is a well, drinking water, high flow, equipped with electric motor for extraction for irrigation and pool filling, and hydrants for the land, and is connected to the network if there is a power failure. The surroundings of the house and pool are with lawn and grounds have numerous pines and acacias.

The facilities - is included in the price. This fully equipped as follows:

The land - are surrounded on all around with barbed wire and wooden posts of good quality, and has an additional electric fencing Terko solar generator to keep the dogs inside the premises.

Lighting - The garden is illuminated with low standing lamps and wall and has lights mounted on the top of the walls that clearly illuminate the whole environment.

The body of the house and the furniture - design is largely tailored, high quality and very complete.

  • a) Hall - there is a cupboard for crockery and cutlery, a library of body and large double and a base unit to tapes (CD) and music (DVD) for movies, also a low table 4 body, with wheels, and space for oversized books. Two Bergere armchairs, 3 seater sofa Chester, and an Eames chair with footrest, all leather, as well as a table of 2.5 feet by 0.8 with BD iron and marble veining and 6 chairs BD
  • b) The main room is a suite with a bed 2 by 2 meters, with Simmons spring mattress and headboard in green veined marble own design and a table of 3 by 0.70 meters with drawers for study and work with Internet facility. Attached bathroom with separate bath and shower and dressing area with wardrobes.
  • c) The guest room has two beds with headboards Walmer, Simmons spring mattresses, wardrobe and attached bathroom.
  • d) Caseros, living room with 3-seater sofa, coffee table and bookcase, table and chairs, the room is double and Simmons mattress, wardrobe and bathroom, all in separate pieces and furniture Divine. It is indeed a house that has direct access to the interior and exterior. The size can be expanded to double bathroom wall moving laundry.
  • e) The cupboard has shelves and a freezer of 410 liters Wardrobes - They come in large numbers, two in the hall and 10 in the corridors of the rooms all double body and good capacity.

    Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

    Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

    Heating - The living room features a fireplace and have heat, just like the rest of the house, S & P electric heaters with thermostat, independent, and completely silent.

    Cooling - On the local climate is not necessary, but there are 4 ceiling fans in the living room and two in the main room, all of S & P.

    Audio and Video:

  • a) There are three plasma TVs, a Samsung 50 "/ 60" in the living room, another Sony 32 "in the master bedroom and a third of 32" brand James with landlords.
  • b) Three Cable TV gutters Eastern SC
  • c) Two brand Philips DVD players.
  • d) A CD player and radio, HiFi, with your speakers, Denon brand

    Phones - A fixed line phone with 3 Philips Antel, wireless interconnected, and a line of broadband Internet.

    The Trappings - has two full dinnerware, stainless steel cutlery complete, including fish covered, and one for roasted, full glassware, cocktail, crystal glasses for cocktails, cognac, liquor, beverages, leggings and tablecloths. It also is equipped with towels, sheets, blankets, comforters and bedspreads. The kitchen is equipped with the necessary working accessories: plates, cups, stainless steel fountains, skimmers, corkscrew, can opener, etc.

    The Kitchen - has stove with 4 fires vitro ceramic Fagor oven Bosch, fridge / freezer two bodies Samsung large capacity and dispensed filtered water and icemaker also refined, dishwasher brand James, extractor S & P features and accessories, such as bread baking machine, grinder, coffee maker with thermos, blender, toaster, electric grill most Kenwood, etc.

    Guest bathroom - This endowed with washing of hands on furniture with brown veined marble surface, and a toilet.

    Fourth Photo - It is a room equipped with bookshelves and a table to file documents or any other object.

    Garage - Holds two large cars and has shelves.

    Access to the property - has a structure within which work, and separately, there are electricity and water meters and space for three large trash bins. Access is closed by a sliding iron gate that is closed with a padlock.

    Hot water - It has a 100 liter water heater to the main bathroom which has a shower and a large bathtub, two water heaters of 60 liters for the guest bathroom, and home, and a final 30-liter water heater for the kitchen, all brand James.

    Washing and drying clothes - In roofing enclosure at the rear of the house is brand Bosch washer and dryer and James brand has clothesline.

    Orchard - In the back of the house is a garden of 15 by 5 meters, wiring and has fertile land.

    Black Well-It is situated on the back and has decanter. You need emptying once every three years.

    Inputs of Water and Power - are equipped with limiters before the counters in anticipation of sudden unexpected increases.


    Uruguay Oceanfront Real Estate, Uruguay Beachfront Home for Sale

    SELLING PRICE:$600,000

    Contact Information:

    Neus Pous Infante
    Pg.Batlló, 13 2ond
    08036 Barcelona

    Email: pousneus@yahoo.com

    Please mention "Oceanfront Properties" when responding


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